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Your fiction delivered by email as a way to grow your own audience

Find new readers without the pressure to keep releasing new newsletter issues forever

Few things matter more to those who write fiction than their readers. It is too precious of a relationship for connections to happen only in published books. A more frequent and close relationship is needed. That's why Confabulists exists.

Confabulists is a type of newsletter tool, but not like any other. It is customized for those who write fiction with unique features such as:

You publish your work in "books"

Be it a novel, short story, or poem, by grouping your work in books on Confabulists, the reader can choose what to read from your ongoing and completed works.

The reader reads each book from the beginning

When they subscribe to one of your books, each reader receives the first installment of that book -- unlike a regular newsletter where a new subscriber receives only future emails.

You are not a hostage to constantly publishing new content

Since readers will read each book from the start, there is always something ready for a new reader to read. Your published work is not lost in the past -- as it happens with a regular newsletter -- but adds up as a foundation that delights new readers.

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All that you create is yours

All rights of your work continue to be 100% yours

Confabulists is just a distribution platform of literary work. We also do not ask for any publishing exclusivity.

Your mailing list is your community, not ours

Our platform is unlike social media companies that control and withhold your followers. You always have access to all your mailing list and can download and export it to another service anytime.

You control if you want to have paid subscriptions or not

If you wish to, you can earn monthly payments from loyal readers, so you don't have to live only from royalties. You decide which books are accessible only to paid subscribers and which are free for everyone.

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Be paid to do what you love

by who loves what you do

You can create paid subscriptions

Our pricing is simple:
13% of what your subscribers pay you

This fee is charged only if you decide to have the option of paid subscriptions. If you don't have any paying subscribers, Confabulists is completely free for you and your readers. However, when you add the option of paid subscriptions, we charge a fee of 13% of each payment.

After adding the option of paid subscriptions, you can choose which books can only be read by paying subscribers and which can be read by all.

Why are your readers going to love it?

Confabulists is a great way to follow and, directly and recurrently, support their favorite writers.

Here they will have access to texts not yet published in books, like short stories, isolated poems, experimental novels, and even personal messages from you.

We are bringing back an ancient form of reading fiction: serialized. They will be able to read serialized fiction in their email or Kindle in an easy and quick way, anytime, anywhere.

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